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RE: [IPk] D tron Software

Having seen the information, I would like to know if  "InSight" and 
"Dialog" software is available in the UK and how much it is and will it 
work with the DTron as opposed to the DTron Plus.

These two pieces of software seem to be extremely useful, in particular the 
"Insight" one and its ability to match BG readings from any meter and the 
pump data.


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> > Michael
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> > So what is the difference between the DTron and the DTron Plus -
> > apart from one extra pump?
> >
>See: http://www.disetronic-usa.com/d-tronplus/quick_facts.html
>for most of the mechanical features and improvements. From what I can
>tell it also includes many software improvements as wel,l and is
>integrated into a pc based diabetes management program. I think all
>the new pumps will include these features if they do not already have
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