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RE: [IPk] D tron plus

Hi Abigail

The D-TRONplus is a twp pump system and again only takes the humalog
cartridge.  If you were to want to use novo in the pump, you would use the
filling set to enable you to take from the novo cartridge and transfer to
empty humalog sized cartridges.  I don't know of any D-TRON user that does
this to my knowledge.

Best wishes


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I heard this is now available as a 2 pump system
(I would be very reluctant to give up having 2 pumps anyway)
I waas thinking of upgrading soon although may wait until next year
Does anyone use novorapid in a D Tron? and do you have to fill your own
cartridges or will the Dtron plus fit novo cartidges?
(realised how much I need the square wave bolus yesterday evening when I
hypo after eating a m,agnum!)
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