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[IPk] Short battery life

Hi Mandy,

I would have thought you would get closer to six weeks out of the batteries. 
It's possible you've had ones that sat on the shelf a bit too long before 
getting to you. Have all of the short-lived batteries come from the same 
source or were they purchased at the same place/time?

As for pump power usage: are you sure Kit's not using the light more 
frequently? It could be that he hits the light button by accident when doing 
a bolus during the day and it's hard to see that the light's actually on. 
Audio boluses use more battery power too. Also, I think someone once 
observed that several basal rates and frequent temporary basals can require 
more battery power...is that true or am I misremembering?

Just a couple of thoughts,

IDDM 9+ years; MiniMed pumper 6.5 years

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Subject: Re: [IPk] no "low battery" warning
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 03:39:05 EST

We've not had the problem of no warnings, but our batteries only seem to be
lasting about 4 weeks. Is that normal? No remote in use, no light used 
on very rare occasions. The only thing I can possibly blame it on is having
to scroll through bolus history to enter them in a record book.

Any ideas?

Mandy (Mum of Kit, aged 13years, pump-user since November 
be without it now!)

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