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Re: [IPk] c-sections and pumps

Hi and good luck with your CS. The majority of obstetric units in the UK 
will not be familiar with pumps and you are safer to care for your own blood 
glucose monitoring than any of the midwives and less your unit provides a 
diabetic specialist midwife. I can only speak on current practice within our 
unit. Diabetic women are brought in early am on the day of operation - check 
your bg regularly overnight before admission and try to keep it between 4 
and 7 mmols so as not to give the baby a surge of sugar and make it produce  
more insulin.
I cannot see any reason why you could not leave your pump in during the op. 
The only problem I could envisage is that if your insulin requirements have 
risen markedly during pregnancy (as does sometimes happen as the placenta is 
diabetogenic ). Once the placenta is removed some women go hypo+++ because 
their insulin requirements drop dramatically so you would neeed to monitor 
your basals and bg closely following delivery as you may need to turn the 
pump right down. personally I cannot see the advantage of keeping the pump 
in during CS as you have to have an iv infusion anyhow but you yourself 
would be responsible for checking bgs etc which is far safer if you are 
awake etc.
Also I dont know if anyone has mentioned to you about breast feeding make 
sure you check your bg before you feed as your blood glucose levels can drop 
quite dramatically during feeds it is a good idea to have a milky drink and 
or biscuits whilst feeding to prevent this. Hope all goes well The easiest 
part of childbirth is having them the hardest is rearing them!!
Carmel Type 1 ages mother to 2 fine healthy sons and midwife My eldest is 
nearly 23 and I really don't see a great change from the care in diabetic 
pregnancy since he was born!

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>Subject: [IPk] c-sections and pumps
>Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 11:40:34 +0000
>I am having an elective c-section on March 3rd due to the baby being breech
>(baby's choice, not mine!). Does anyone have any experience of staying on
>the pump during surgery, particularly for caesarians? I am the only person
>in Nottingham currently pregnant on the pump, (I've been a pump user for 3
>years now) so any advice would be most welcome.
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