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[IPk] C-Sections and Pumps

'Does anyone have any experience of staying on
the pump during surgery, particularly for caesarians? '

Hi jenny

I haven't had a section but have had a general anaesthetic since 
starting the pump (10 days after delivering my baby naturally). I wasn't 
allowed to keep my pump on and had to have an insulin/dextrose drip. I 
had a bit of a bad experience as my diabetic control went out the window 
on the drip and the midwives were pretty clueless about controlling BMs 
that were all over the place. My advice to you would be to be very firm 
in letting the medical staff know what you want and to make sure that 
they know that you are in control of you diabetes. Also make sure that 
your diabetes team are on hand to give advice to the obstetric staff.
I don't want to put you off as I think my experience was unusually bad. 
I ended up making a complaint afterwards and I got a full apology and 
assurance that procedures would be changed.
Good luck for March!

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