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Re: [IPk] Re: development of retinopathy

> They first injected in near my tear ducts, and then into my eyeball.  I
> was told it was 'a painkiller and something to paralize my muscles'.
> The tear duct injections hurt a little (about the same level as drawing
> blood), the ones in the eyes didn't hurt at all.
> Maybe the first ones were to kill the pain of the main ones?

Right - that's probably it.
I never had the tear duct injections and the ones in the eyes hurt like hell, 
so that makes sense.

> >Note that the anaesthetic DROPS they put in your eye are totally different
> > - they always give you those (in case anyone's confused!).
> They are anaesthetics?  I always thought they were dilators!  Always
> hurt like fury!

Before you go in, they give you dilating drops. Which hurt.
Immediately before they do laser treatment (either kind) they usually give 
you more drops which are anaesthetic - but don't really do much. Not like the 
anaesthetic injections.

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