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[IPk] Treatment of Retinopathy

Hi Susan & Leslie,

     I've had loads of laser treatment in the past, firstly Susan if you are
worried go to the hospitals A&E department and tell them you've got diabetes
and you having problems with your eyes eg: little floating bits, blurred
vision, or a dull ache in the eye, these were all the symptoms I have had, i
know you might not experience these but then they'll get you to see an
opthalmologist straight away, these is the process at my hospital I'm not
sure about others. I'm not trying to be alarmist but on a few occasions I
was rushed through for emergency laser treatment, and my eyes didn't seem
that different.
     Secondly, the pain releif injections I have found these very good, I
know having a needle shoved in your eye is not very appealing but trust me
when I say you don't actually feel it, its not as painful as getting
somthing in your eye. The worst thing is it relaxes the eye so much, it
feels like its fallen out onto your cheek its a really weird feeling I'd go
for it every time.
      A couple of occasions I've been put to sleep as they have had to do so
much, but thankfully since pumping I stablelized so much they are letting me
go for a year until the next appointment, brilliant eh!.

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