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RE: [IPk] Development of Retinopathy

Hi Pat

Last time I took paracetamol immediately afterwards, and wore sunglasses for a
couple of hours.  This seemed to do the trick.  As you said, the worst bit is
keeping still and concentrating!  And the headache afterwards.  The dimly-lit
pizza hut helped too, mostly as it stopped me feeling too sorry for myself.
This time round, I can handle the effects of pizza on my BGs better, too!
Unfortunately, there isn't a pizza hut just over the road from my current
hospital like there was at the Royal London...



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What oral painkillers have you tried?  I found that co-proxamol is
usually sufficient (I took it afterwards, rather than before treatment -
it makes me incredibly irresponsible and giggly, so probably not a good
idea while I've got to look where directed!)

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