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Re: [IPk] Re: development of retinopathy

Hi Pat
The anaesthesia you're talking about IS the "stick a big needle in your 
eyeball and freeze everything so you can't feel most of your face", right?
It depends on how much anaesthetic they put in as to how much it hurts. If 
they only need to do a little (which I suspect was your case) then it doesn't 
hurt too much.

I wasn't offered painkiller in addition to or instead of the local 
anaesthetic. They should definitely give you the choice of local anaesthetic 
or not. Most people are reluctant to give it to you if they can avoid it, 
because it takes longer to do and there's more risk afterwards.

Note that the anaesthetic DROPS they put in your eye are totally different - 
they always give you those (in case anyone's confused!).


On Wednesday 12 February 2003 07:26, you wrote:
> Hi Di
> This makes sense now: three different variables:
> sitting up or lying down (surgeon's choice)
> anaesthetic and eyball pushing, or no anaesthetic and looking for
> oneself (choice for patients, but never offered as a choice for me -
> either I got it, or I didn't)
> retina or blood vessels.
> The last, being more painful, tends to suggest anaesthesia.
> I had a very long session when I had anaesthesia (half an hour on each
> eye), so perhaps that is also a factor?
> Interesting that you were offered the choice of painkiller or not, and
> I've never been offered a choice!  I found the painkiller _disturbing_
> but not painful.  Certainly nothing like a dental injection!
> Best wishes
> Pat
> (no brains, no sense, dm 30+, 508 1+)
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