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Re: [IPk] Development of Retinopathy

Hi Leslie,

Not so bad ... (I had paralyising and painkilling injections).  A bit
freaking, if you see what I mean.  The pain of laser isn't that bad, I
find - it's more the concentration, and the feeling afterwards as if
you've been hit.

What oral painkillers have you tried?  I found that co-proxamol is
usually sufficient (I took it afterwards, rather than before treatment -
it makes me incredibly irresponsible and giggly, so probably not a good
idea while I've got to look where directed!)

Best wishes,

(dm 30+, 508 1+, doctors always say 'wow! what a lot of laser you've
had' - none for four and half years, though).
In message <email @ redacted>, Lesley Jordan
<email @ redacted> writes
>I had an eye clinic appointment on Friday.  Urgent laser treatment needed.
>Pants!  And I'm not allowed to aim for lower BGs than 8, yet.
>While I'm on the subject, when I had laser treatment before, (5 years ago), on
>the last 2 occasions I decided that next time, I'd have the injection for pain
>relief, but chickened out.  Has anyone had it?  I  know that laser burns on
>top of old laser burns tend to be more painful, but I'm terrified of the idea
>of an injection into my eyeball...  Can anyone reassure me?
>> Ironically, tightening control often leads to bleeding.
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Pat Reynolds
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