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Re: [IPk] Development of Retinopathy

.Hi Susan

Two years ago I went to the opticians for a routine eye test as I needed new
glasses.  I ended up going to one of the "cheapies" as it was near to work
and I didn't think that there would be any difference between them and my
regular one that I'd been seeing for years.  I had never had any problems
with my eyes, they are looked at yearly at Guy's, and was horrified when I
was told that I needed to contact the hospital asap as there was some
bleeding in one eye.  What really shocked me was that the Dclinic had looked
the month before and had not found anything.  Anyway, I panicked, rang the
clinic and was seen a few days later.  They took a photograph of the eye and
told me that there was absolutely nothing there.  Of course I didn't believe
them as I'd worked myself up into such a state, but she showed me the
picture and said that the eye didn't even look like it belonged to someone
who had had diabetes for 24 years.

So......moral of the story is not to panic until you've seen the expert.

Good luck
IDDM 26y pumping 2 weeks (& will ask when my eyes will be checked next)

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