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Re: [IPk] Re: Subcutaneous Insulin Resistance

Just picked up on this thread...late as ever! I was dx with PCOS whildt 
trying for a pregnancy about 13years ago. I had endometriosis and underactive 
thyroid, too. But certainly wasn't overweight as you would imagine (and as i 
had been led to believe I would be with this condition)! I had all the other 
symptoms of PCOS, though, including ovaries the 'size of oranges' and had a 
wedge resection as an emergency (Don't think they do this now). The endo was 
more of a problem, although the PCOS meant I didn't have a menstrual 'cycle' 
as such. Periods came as and when they decided! Sometimes 2 weeks, sometimes 
3 months and the all time record of 18months in between! The endo meant they 
were absolute agony and extremely heavy and I was admitted to hospital on 
more than occassion. My hypo's also increased at this time. This went on for 
a loooooooong time...all my teenage years from day one really. I did go on 
the pill for many years as this at least regulated things out although that's 
all it did. I had nor problems with the pill. I think maybe the idea of not 
using them in IDDM is a little outdated.I ended up with a hysterectomy, but 
did have a natural pregnancy before that, even though my ovaries were barely 
functioning due to the PCOS and my tubes were blocked with the endo. I am on 
HRT now as they removed my ovaries, too and I was only 29. It's a case of 
having too rather than choice! I have an implant. I was told that all these 
conditions are related as in an automimmune disorder.
BW Helen.
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