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RE: [IPk] Re: deja vu

Hi John

 Lovely to hear your good news about your new baby son Nicholas. He looks
lovely. Its so nice to see a
 photo of him just a few hours old. Congrats to Julia and I hope Christopher is
thrilled to have a baby

Sorry to hear about the tumour returning and hope that the chemo sorts it out.

Best wishes

Mum of Sasha

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> >I have continued with a diet less high in wheat than before and the
> >improvements have been maintained.
> Nannette -
> I must confess that, although I followed my wheat-free (but not
> gluten-free) diet for a year and seemed to gain a lot from it, I abandoned
> it all last September when I nearly died of a brain tumour. It now appears
> that the weight loss was probably caused by my tumour. More I can't say.
> But I can now handle wheat without too much trouble.
> John
> PS There has been much exitement in our home over the weekend...
> My wife gave birth to a beautiful son - Nicholas - on Sat 8 Feb 2003 at
> 7pm. It was a home birth as planned. Christopher, who is 3 next week, and I
> were in attendance. Photos and more at
> http://www.webshowcase.net/nealefamily
> And then today we went to the local hospital for *my* checkup. They confirm
> that my tumour appears to be regrowing. They will perform some more tests,
> but in a few weeks I may have the pleasure of chemotherapy to mop up the
> remaining bits of tumour.
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