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Re: [IPk] Development of Retinopathy

Hi Susan
>From personal experience I think it's unlikely to make much difference having 
to wait till May, but I would ring the opthalmology people anyway and see if 
you can get anything earlier. More for your own piece of mind than anything 
else. Tell them you are worried as you have bleeding in your eye and it's 
never happened before. 
Most likely they will just need to do some laser treatment, but unless 
anything changes between now and then (that you notice) there isn't any 
immediate cause for concern. 
Hope that helps

> The reason I ask is that for a few years I have had background retinopathy.
> It has never been  a problem and I have been told by my clinic that it9s
> quite normal in someone who has had diabetes as long as I have (17 years).
> However, I had the back of my eye examined by the optician at the beginning
> of January and he saw some bleeding near my visual field so referred me to
> an opthamologist. It took a month to get an appointment and I9m a bit
> disappointed that the appointment isn9t until May. I9ve just phoned the
> diabetic clinic for advice and was told that they can9t help and that I
> need to phone the opthamology department.
> Before I start worrying myself even more I thought I9d find out what other
> peoples9 experiences are. If I make a fuss to get seen sooner will it
> actually effect my outcome or will waiting a few more months not really
> make a huge difference? Does anyone have any ideas?
> Thanks
> Susan
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