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Re: [IPk] Re: deja vu

My GP would just refer me to the hospital....
It's strange - since I've been at Sheffield (3 years) I've never had the
urniary microalbinuria test done even though I have some kidney damage and
was tested regularly when I was in Manchester and am on Lisinopril for that
reason. My consultant says the blood tests show up everything that's
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> From: Diana Maynard <it. Don't
> > know what my latest HbA1c is - haven't had one in almost a year because
> 6
> > monthly appointment got postponed for another 6 months due to staff
> > shortages or something
> Could you get your GP to do one?
> and are there other parameters like urinary microalbuminuria which should
> done regularly?
> it'a a bit alrming really. Perhaps they know you can cope well alone on
> pump now but would someone who was really struggling get postponed as
> So many people seem to notice an improvement with less wheat but someone
> this list mentioned that gluten free food spike BG more..
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