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Re: [IPk] Re: deja vu

and HbA1c which had
> obstinately remained around or above 8, finally came down to around 7 -
> still not great, but felt important, also because the funding people
> were implying before that I don't make good use of pump so maybe should
> not be funded, and they wanted to see an improvement.
> I have continued with a diet less high in wheat than before and the
> improvements have been maintained

This wheat issue is interesting
Have you been checked for coeliac?
does it seem more likely that wheat spikes your BG levels, rather than an
allergy or intolerance as such?

Whem my HBa1c dropped from mid 7s to low 8s, down to below 7 I was sure the
cause was a more accurate metre not giving me spuriously low readings and
making me unintentionally run high BGs, together with getting more to grips
with pumping and less conservative at dose adjustment and better at seeing
However I did start to eat less bread at lucnhtime and hve more salads,
ryvitas etc. The latter I know still have wheat. Prior to this I was having
exactly the same luch every day with granary sandwhiches ( precut bread/
same brand, low fat cheese spread or humous and salad with an apple).
Afternoon BGs when I was struggling were extremely unpredictable. I wonder
whether the change in diet has any part in this....

I do not genrally eat the same things everday in case any one thinks I  am
extremely boring. Sometimes it is easier to grab the same thing for lunch
rather than get up 5 mins earlier and think about what you are going to take
to wotk with you..

I think an improvement from 8% to 7% is superb. THere is a graph somewhere
of A1c vs risk of complications. I will try to locate this. If you see this
you will not think your improvement is "   not brilliant"
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