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Re: [IPk] Re: Subcutaneous Insulin Resistance

> The funnny thing is, no one has ever looked into PCOS > menstrual

PCOS is associated with high circulating insulin levels/ insulin resistance
in non DM people.I can't recall (ans am not sure whether it is fully
undestood anyway) the biochemistry behind it.
Metformin is someitmes used as a treatment for the effects of PCOS although
I am not sure about the evidence base for this

refused combined oral contraceptives as a
> solution because I'm diabetic, but I don't really understand why - can
> enlighten me?
uncomplicated diabetes should not preclude you from using the pill if the
benefits outweight the risk (whether to aid menstrual problems, as a
possible treatment for PCOS or to provide reliable contraception). Diabetes
is listed as a relative contraindication for the pill, and two relative
contra indication usually=absolute contraindication. This is because of the
risk of arterial thromboemnbolism. So if you are a smoker or hypertensive or
suffer migraine for example, this would place you in the latter group, as
would presence of DM complications. Even in this scenario there may be
occasions where benefits outweigh risks eg if nothing else does a
satisfactory job
Sometimes us GPs are over cautious with pill related problems. It may be
worth discussing the pill with your D team who could then explain the
situation to the GP. If PCOS is suspected then certain blood tests ( hormone
levels) may help in the diagnosis

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