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No Subject

Hi all. It is intereting to read your thoughts about diet and insulin 
resistance and the possible causes. Having rigidly stuck to the Atkins diet 
for 4 weeks and GAINED 4lbs I do think there must be other substances 
lurking within some peoples systems to cause such havoc with diet and 
insulin.For the first time in weeks because I knew the diet was not working 
I decided to reintroduce some cho in the form of potatoe to the value of 20 
grammes CHO BG shot to 22.9 despitebolus of 5 units of insulin for a bolus . 
My basals have increasedduring the protein only diet so I did not alter 
them.Today i have started having 800 cals a day in the form of skimmed milk 
to see if I do lose weight but my basals are around 5  and boluses 1unit:5 
grammes of cho. Went for a brisk walk this pm bg before 14.1 and after 14.7. 
I know it will pass and like Caroline I worry about having a crashing hypo 
but I would like to know the trigger factor  Best WishesCarmel

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