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RE: [IPk] Re: Subcutaneous Insulin Resistance

 Caroline, I was going to mention PCOS too as I have read messages about this
condition on
 alt.support.diabetes.uk and alt.support.diabetes (Mainly inhabited by US
people) and thought that now
 you've mentioned menstrual problems what you have said seems fit. I hope you
get it sorted out.

Mum of Sasha DX 1999

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> Jenny, thank you so much for saying this. Its a thought that has been going
> round in the back of my head, but I thought it might just be me frantically
> looking for reasons as to why insulin is having so little effect on me right
> now, because there is an apparently well documented link between PCOS and
 > insulin resistance. It all seems to fit, and now someone else has suggested
> to me, I'll defintely be discussing it with my D team.
> The funnny thing is, no one has ever looked into PCOS as a cause for my
 > menstrual problems. And I was always refused combined oral contraceptives as
> solution because I'm diabetic, but I don't really understand why - can anyone
> enlighten me?
> I actually quite like not having many periods, but their total
 > unpredictability is a huge problem because I become ridiculously
> when pre-menstrual (use half, or less, normal insulin requirement) If I knew
> this was going to happen I could have avoided the use of glucagon on at least
> a couple of occasions. I don't really understand this either, because
> everything else I've read suggests women generally become more hyperglycaemic
> when pre-menstrual. Can anyone explain?
> Caroline
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