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FIO  PCOS= "Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or Disease aka Stein-
Leventhal Syndrome, is a disease of women characterised by Insulin 
Resistance and resulting high insulin elvels, irregular monthly 
periods and infertility, acne, excess body hair and thinning hair on 
the head, and abdominal obesity.  But as with Type 2 diabetes, not 
everyone with the syndrome is overwieght.  It seems that in women 
with a genetic predisposition, high insulin levels stimulate the 
formation of too many male hormones (androgens), and these cause 
the symptoms.

More than a quarter of women with PCOS develop diabetes by the 
age of 30 years.  The treatment is weight reduction (to reduce the 
extra weight-induced IR) and insulin-sensitising drugs such as 
metformin or the glitazones aka thiazolidinediones.     

Some suggest low-carbohydrate diets to reduce insulin levels.  
Sometimes the drugs can restore fertility, which is listed as a side 
effect of these drugs, so if you have PCOS and take one of these 
drugs, be prepared."  (Becker, Gretchen:2001; Type 2 Diabetes: The 
First Year, Marlowe & Company, New York:  ISBN1-56924-546-0)

I'm so glad others have mentioned re cutting out wheat.  This is what 
came loud and clear as being a major component in your diet.  There 
are some good rye breads that can replace the wheat.

Caroline, you're going through a terrible time but you won't be 
beaten by this blasted disease.

BTW a side effect of the glitazones is weight gain.  Treat one thing 
and it causes another darn thing!!!  Think it's called LIFE!

All the best.

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