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[IPk] Re: Subcutaneous Insulin Resistance

Jenny, thank you so much for saying this. Its a thought that has been going
round in the back of my head, but I thought it might just be me frantically
looking for reasons as to why insulin is having so little effect on me right
now, because there is an apparently well documented link between PCOS and
insulin resistance. It all seems to fit, and now someone else has suggested it
to me, I'll defintely be discussing it with my D team.

The funnny thing is, no one has ever looked into PCOS as a cause for my
menstrual problems. And I was always refused combined oral contraceptives as a
solution because I'm diabetic, but I don't really understand why - can anyone
enlighten me?

I actually quite like not having many periods, but their total
unpredictability is a huge problem because I become ridiculously hypoglycaemic
when pre-menstrual (use half, or less, normal insulin requirement) If I knew
this was going to happen I could have avoided the use of glucagon on at least
a couple of occasions. I don't really understand this either, because
everything else I've read suggests women generally become more hyperglycaemic
when pre-menstrual. Can anyone explain?

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