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Re: [IPk] deja vu

In message <email @ redacted>, Caroline Jane
Batistoni <email @ redacted> writes
>To demonstrate my problem a little better - I'm running a continuous 
>temportary basal of 3u/h (normal highest basal 1.2) and topping up with
>15 unit boluses every 2-3 hours and still staying high (around 16 -30) 

How awful for you.   But this is 'definitely weird' - it's not normal
'bad times'.  

Is it _all_ insulins you have a problem with in the bad times?  E.g.
have you tried injecting actrapid and seen if that brings you down
better (if slower)?  

I wonder why you are not on a basal of 10, and then you wouldn't need
'topping up boluses'?  Or a basal of 12, or 15 or whatever is needed to
get you into the normal range?

Have they tried a long-term insulin basal, as well as the pump?

Best wishes,

(dm 30+, 508 1+, very sympathetic ketoacidosis is horrid!)
Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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