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[IPk] Re: deja vu

> Caroline
> If you take your basal dosage via a syringe every couple of
> hours during the day does that improve things?  I find that
> if I have a bad set and don't have time to change it (during
> the night for eaxample).  I can disconnect the pump and give
> my basal every coupl of hours via a syringe and control is
> OK.  If this works then perhaps the problem is not so much
> with the insulin but with the set or rather your reaction to
> the set?
> Beverley


>Hi Caroline,

>Do you still get the same sort of effect and need high basals/boluses once
>your bg comes down to "normal" levels?


Hi Beverley and Mary

Beverley - Thanks for this suggestion. I have tried it and to be honest it
doesn't seem to make much difference. I' currently sticking to a combination
of all basals through pump and all boluses by syringe and that seems to be
the best I can get.

Until yesterday I would have had trouble answering whether I still needed
the same amounts of insulin when I came down to "normal" levels, because I
just hadn't been anywhere near there! After throwing my basal right up to 6
units an hour yesterday morning, I finally got down to around around 12, but
I'm still using 3u/h to keep it there. I was 9 before going to bed last
night and made the enormous mistake of restoring my original basals. By 3am
I was 28!

All I'm dreading now is my body snapping out of this and having a massive

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