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Re: [IPk] D-Tron midday whirring!

On Friday 07 Feb 2003 14:46, John wrote:

> I've been using a MiniMed 507 for the last 5 years, but I have a D-Tron+ on
> a weekend's trial. I've just set the time to 11:59, and at 12:00 there was
> silence, but at 12:01 there was a whirring or grinding noise.
> On balance, this noise is not as intrusive as the "clicking" noise a
> MiniMed pump makes with every 0.1 unit burst of insulin. (And the 508 is
> even louder...)

Good luck with the trail John! I hope you'll report back to us about your 
experience - it would be interesting to hear from someone who's tried both 
Minimed and Disetronic, as I'm sure there can't be many who get the chance.

Karen (D-Tron for nearly 7 months, and very happy with it)
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