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[IPk] deja vu

Hi Nanette,

Thanks for your suggstions. This problem is an ongoing one which has 
occurred a few times in the last year. The problem is less that I get 
"spikes" and more that my sugars just don't come down at all. There is 
definitely no chance of missed hypo's!! In terms of trigger foods, I 
also think thats unlikely as I feel so permanently ghastly that I'm 
actually eating very little - mostly chicken sandwiches and digestive 
biscuits to allow me bolus for the carbs so I can get extra insulin 
into me to deal with the ketones. 

To demonstrate my problem a little better - I'm running a continuous 
temportary basal of 3u/h (normal highest basal 1.2) and topping up with
15 unit boluses every 2-3 hours and still staying high (around 16 -30) 
- all on advice of consultant/DSN. I'm in constant close contact with 
my team who are fantastic. I drop in to see them frequently (at least 
once a week - but back in January spent three afternoons sleeping in my 
diabetes centre!)and I have my DSN on speed dial (sad, I know!)

I understand your point about being philosophical about the bad times, 
but ketones make it hard for me to think straight. The less control I 
seem to have, the less its seems worth putting in all the effort. Today,
I feel that unless I do something really drastic, I may well be heading
on a slippery slope to DKA, again. It seems that within an hour of 
taking a big bolus I can usually drop down to high teens, but if I 
don't get in quick enough with another one, I start rising again. I have
actually started to think that hospital sounds vaguely appealing 
because at least I know I'll have the best chance of getting this 
sorted so at least I can feel better.

Caroline Batistoni
email @ redacted
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