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Re: [IPk] Re: deja vu

> >Please can somebody tell me that there are others out there who have
> had these
> >kind of problems, because its really getting me down now. I'm really
> beginning
> >to feel that I'm being beaten by diabetes....
I wonder whether you had such high BGs , seemingly resistant to huge doses
of insulin, prior to going on the pump. Or was the main problem just
fluctuating bgs?
Just a thought. I don't know whether anyone on this list has mentioned it. I
think this is sometimes done in the US. If ( and it does seem likely) that
the potential for DKA is high, would a small dose of glargine set at your
lowest basal, and pump adjusted accordingly, help?. It may increase your and
consultants/ DSNs confidence re the risk of DKA. It may also be somehow that
you work better with a small amount of longacting in your body (completely
unscientific I know but may be worth consideration)
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