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[IPk] Re: deja vu

as someone whose body also does weird things - and I have days and even
weeks sometimes like the one you described - with spiking BG every
evening and sometimes other times of day too. You wrote about evening
spikes, do they happen other times too? if they have been mostly
evening, what about doing an extra test or two in the evening, during
the time that your blood sugar might be rising to a peak to see what it
is doing, and get it down before it peaks. I sometimes find that a
small increase in basal rate (10 or 20% increase) can prevent what
otherwise would be a very high blood sugar which would need much more
insulin to bring it down.

Incidentally people wrote about insulin resistance being a reason why
relatively more insulin is needed to bring blood sugar down when it is
very high than when it is only slightly raised. An additional reason is
that at very high blood sugars, lots of glucose is spilling over into
the urine, so the blood measurement is in some sense an underestimate
of the glucose being released, and the bolus you inject has to deal
with it all.

I have become (most of the time) a little more philosophical about the
bad patches, figuring that it does not happen all the time, and when it
does I try to test frequently, raise basal rate and give extra boluses,
and wait more or less patiently to emerge from the bad patch. 
One thing I wonder - is it possible that you are having some unnoticed
hypos, and that some of the spikes are rebounds? although I am normally
very aware of hypos, I know that within 24 hours of a previous hypo I
am much less aware, and this is apparently common, and can set you into
the very exhausting and depressing mode of blood sugar shooting up and
down - hence the title of that book, Stop the Rollercoaster. 

I imagine you are being super cautious about when what you eat while
trying to sort this out, but is it possible that you are eating
something that for you is a 'trigger food' - i.e. something that
although you bolus accurately for the carbohydrates etc it contains,
for some reason triggers a nasty rise in blood sugar - for many people
pizza is a trigger, and there are other common ones.

Also are you getting any support from your doctor or anyone - when I
have had bad patches I was lucky enough to be able to call my
endocrinologist and go to see him (mostly immediately - one of the
benefits of working in a hospital!) with my list of blood glucose
measurements, and he was almost always able to see patterns and make
helpful suggestions and just be encouraging.  The changes he suggested
were usually very small, yet remarkably effective. It always amazes me
how he is able to see things that as soon as they are pointed out are
obvious, yet looking at the numbers all the time, I did not notice them

It occurs to me that although you are telling us some of the numbers on
the list, we do not see the whole picture of the variations over 24
hours - not that you should rely on email as a substitute for
professional advice (though most of the best information I have ever
got about pumping came from this and other lists), but I wonder if all
the experts on this list might be able to brainstorm better if we saw
more data - what do other people think?

good luck
>However, unfortunately I think that could be the answer to the problem

- I
>think my body is doing its weird thing again which is depressing 
because it
>indicates that the change to Novorapid wasn't the solution I thought
>The no delivery and low battery etc possibly just confused the 
>still not quite sure why pump cut out!) Although the 21 came down fine
>yesterday and yesterday evening was ok, I spiked up to 19 again just 
>bed. Went to sleep with a correcetion, slept through my alarm for 3am 
test and
>woke up at 5am with a HI (above 33.3) and not feeling too well!! 
>setting a temp basal of 3 units and taking a 12 unit bolus (via pen) I

>got down as far as 16 and that is pretty much as low as its gone all 
>despite two set changes just in case, (at 5am and again this evening)
>increased basal, frequent boluses (all via syringe or pen.) I'm
a very
>strong sense of deja vu, and I don't like it. How can I take so much 
>and still have high blood sugars?????

>Please can somebody tell me that there are others out there who have 
had these
>kind of problems, because its really getting me down now. I'm really 
>to feel that I'm being beaten by diabetes....


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