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Re: [IPk] NICE Guidelines

when these things happen - and they certainly still happen to me
without any evidence of bubbles or any pump problem - I just feel very
thankful that I have the flexibility of the pump to put it right fast.
I find that I need to do extra boluses and/or temporary high or low
basal rates most days. And after all sorts of very frustrating
experimenting to find the basal rate profile, and the ratios that will
always work, have come to the conclusion that is a waste of time for me
- better to come to terms with this, fix basal rates that do the right
thing most of the time, test frequently, and adjust as necessary, and
thank G-d that I have a pump, because dealing with this sort of
variability with MDI was much much worse.

>From: "Heather Gibbs" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: Re: [IPk] NICE Guidelines
>Thanks Abigail

>I know I have to keep positive.  It is frustrating when you think you 
>is sussed ie eat something with stable BGs, use a a ratio and get good

>results.  Next day do the same thing and BGs sky high!  No extra 
activity so 
>what's happening - pump with bubbles? Sometimes yes sometimes no.

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