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Re: [IPk] Deja vu (was: No Delivery Alarms)

Caroline, I don't have an answer for you but as you can see from the replies 
the same does happen to others. I used to feel like you about it that maybe 
it was me failing my pump. Like Kate I have been prescribed metformin but I 
did not notice a difference so I often forget to take it.When it happens 
dont panic (increases bgs) I test hrly and take small boluses by syringe 
increasing my basal rate sometime to 8-10 units per hr if it is particularly 
difficult to bring down. There does mot seem to be a particular ratio of 
insulin to blood sugar but you may be able to correlate one for yourself. 
Once bg starts to reduce avoid hypos at all costs I find once bg starts to 
come down I ease off on the insulin sometimes it comes down remarkably 
quickly so be careful and keep testing because you may still feel high and 
you bg may be acceptable.Now I am eating low carb it still happens but not 
as high 14-16 mmols it sometimes goes up to I still employ the same tactics 
but obviously with lower doses
Ignore my doses they are only figures that work for me I am just trying to 
give you an example and dont fight it go with it- you'll be fine
Best wishes Carmel

>From: "Caroline Batistoni" <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IPk] Deja vu (was: No Delivery Alarms)
>Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 21:48:54 -0000
>Hi Melissa and everyone,
>There was definitely no air anywhere in the system, either before the no
>delivery (as I had checked that in the morning as I was within about 40 
>of the end of the reservoir) or after, as I always check extremely 
>at each set change. And as I already said, I didn't think there was a 
>with the set as the 21 came down ok. I can only assume that the original 
>was clogged, as I can't see any other reason for the no delivery. And there
>really is no reason that I can see for the high.
>However, unfortunately I think that could be the answer to the problem - I
>think my body is doing its weird thing again which is depressing because it
>indicates that the change to Novorapid wasn't the solution I thought it 
>The no delivery and low battery etc possibly just confused the 
>still not quite sure why pump cut out!) Although the 21 came down fine
>yesterday and yesterday evening was ok, I spiked up to 19 again just before
>bed. Went to sleep with a correcetion, slept through my alarm for 3am test 
>woke up at 5am with a HI (above 33.3) and not feeling too well!! Despite
>setting a temp basal of 3 units and taking a 12 unit bolus (via pen) I only
>got down as far as 16 and that is pretty much as low as its gone all day,
>despite two set changes just in case, (at 5am and again this evening)
>increased basal, frequent boluses (all via syringe or pen.) I'm getting a 
>strong sense of deja vu, and I don't like it. How can I take so much 
>and still have high blood sugars?????
>Please can somebody tell me that there are others out there who have had 
>kind of problems, because its really getting me down now. I'm really 
>to feel that I'm being beaten by diabetes....
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