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[IPk] opposite problem, decreasing insulin requirments

    Good thing I'm not working over the next few days
progressively decreasing insulin requirments since Saturday and umpteen hypos,
including 4 today
basals gone from almost 17 units to 12.1
I know it's partly hormonal but I'm not usually affected to this degree
Also recently moved but finnished lifting cases and boxes and doing really
strenous things
ie morning basals halved, evenings more then halved
I find it quite disconcerting when prograaming hefty dose adjustments and
still going hypo. The really irritating thing is that some time over the next
few weeks I will need to increase again and will spend several days feeling
c--- with high BGs until things are readjusted
Definitely need the pump!
I've got to that stage where I am pleased if BG is high as it means I will not
hypo for the next few hours. But I feel my confidnece is shaken and dread
having these events occur when I am busy in work
Also turning into bitch from hell!
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