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Re: [IPk] Deja vu (was: No Delivery Alarms)

In a message dated 2/5/2003 9:51:17 PM GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Despite
> setting a temp basal of 3 units and taking a 12 unit bolus (via pen) I only
> got down as far as 16 and that is pretty much as low as its gone all day,
> despite two set changes just in case, (at 5am and again this evening)
> increased basal, frequent boluses (all via syringe or pen.) I'm getting a 
> very
> strong sense of deja vu, and I don't like it. How can I take so much insulin
> and still have high blood sugars?????
> Please can somebody tell me that there are others out there who have had 
> these
> kind of problems, because its really getting me down now. I'm really 
> beginning
> to feel that I'm being beaten by diabetes....
Hi Caroline,

So sorry to hear about your problems.  Please don't give up...

I'm assuming you've checked basals, set, site, insulin, insulin storage etc. 
and that you haven't been ill, changed medication, changed anything in your 
life, stress etc. (Lots of possible causes! - I don't mean to be patronising 
but sometimes things are assumed or not considered.) 

Like others, I find that the higher your bg gets, the more insulin you need 
relatively to get the bg down.  For example, at a bg under 10 I would expect 
0.5 unit to bring my bg down 5 mmol.  At 10-13, 0.7 unit would bring it down 
5 mmol. But at 14 to say 20 I'd need at least 1 unit, and over 20 could take 
2, 3, more units to get bg down by just 5 mmol.  A sort of exponential curve 

>From past correspondence, I don't think you're alone!  And I've had similar 
trouble, bgs way up in the 20s unexpectedly, often after changing a set - 
e.g. bg 7 before change, 15 minutes without pump, have a breakfast needing 
practically no insulin, go out, bg in the 20s 2-3 hours later but comes down 
with insulin and set's OK.  How to explain?  Days where the same thing 
happens without a set change.  Not too often, but it happens.  Keeping a 
diary might be useful, though I've not seen any pattern myself.

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