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Re: [IPk] Deja vu (was: No Delivery Alarms)

Hiya Caroline,

Has anyone spoken to you about insulin resistance?  I have been put on the
glorious metformin (or what you may!) and am now up to 3 x 850 daily - I
still use between 80 and 100 units/daily, and more if I'm unwell.

I would spike in the mornings because I am particularly insensitive then -
just ask my family...

Mathematically, a 19 would equate to about 5 units of insulin too little on
a "normal" ratio, but once it's up, it seems to take longer to get it under
control again.  I usually set a temporary basal rate increase for 2 hours
and bolus to get it back down again - the minimed pumps are slightly
different I think.

You may be brewing an infection, or building a resistance - I'm not a medic,
and think that at this point, I would probably look for some advice.

Don't panic!

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