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[IPk] Deja vu (was: No Delivery Alarms)

Hi Melissa and everyone,

There was definitely no air anywhere in the system, either before the no
delivery (as I had checked that in the morning as I was within about 40 units
of the end of the reservoir) or after, as I always check extremely carefully
at each set change. And as I already said, I didn't think there was a problem
with the set as the 21 came down ok. I can only assume that the original set
was clogged, as I can't see any other reason for the no delivery. And there
really is no reason that I can see for the high.

However, unfortunately I think that could be the answer to the problem - I
think my body is doing its weird thing again which is depressing because it
indicates that the change to Novorapid wasn't the solution I thought it was.
The no delivery and low battery etc possibly just confused the issue.(although
still not quite sure why pump cut out!) Although the 21 came down fine
yesterday and yesterday evening was ok, I spiked up to 19 again just before
bed. Went to sleep with a correcetion, slept through my alarm for 3am test and
woke up at 5am with a HI (above 33.3) and not feeling too well!! Despite
setting a temp basal of 3 units and taking a 12 unit bolus (via pen) I only
got down as far as 16 and that is pretty much as low as its gone all day,
despite two set changes just in case, (at 5am and again this evening)
increased basal, frequent boluses (all via syringe or pen.) I'm getting a very
strong sense of deja vu, and I don't like it. How can I take so much insulin
and still have high blood sugars?????

Please can somebody tell me that there are others out there who have had these
kind of problems, because its really getting me down now. I'm really beginning
to feel that I'm being beaten by diabetes....

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