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Re: [IPk] No Delivery Alarms

In a message dated 2/5/2003 1:46:45 AM GMT Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> Considering that I get 'no delivery' alarms from my 507C in the middle of 
> boluses if my tubing is kinked, I would say you can miss two-tenths of a 
> unit before you get told.
Hi Caroline, Melissa and all,

I used to have lots of trouble with kinked cannulae when I started pumping, 
and would only get a "no delivery" alarm if I tried to give a bolus of more 
than about 1.5 units.  As I change the site when I get up and often have less 
insulin than this for breakfast, the pump would still appear to be working 
and would sit there happily, not pumping my basals either, until I noticed I 
was feeling very ill...

I would guess that there is a pre-set level at which the alarm goes off 
(Medtronic?).  It's also possible to get a kink so that the tip of the 
cannula is lying near enough to the surface of the skin for insulin 
absorption to be altered - you won't get an alarm for this (or if it's lying 
on top of the skin, merrily pumping away onto the surface) unless flow is 

I sent a mail yesterday evening (4/2) which doesn't seem to have gone through 
yet.  If, as happened before, it pops up days later when it's even less 
relevant than usual, please ignore it... (I had other mails - why does that 

IDDM 30+ yrs, 508 2+
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