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Re: [IPk] No Delivery Alarms


I might have missed the point here, but my D-tron stops immediately it
thinks there is a blockage...

I have had a lot of E4 errors recently, and having changed everything
several times, rang Estelle.  She told me that the silicone content of some
batches of insulin seems to "clog" the diagphram in the adapter, and sure
enough, changing to a new pack of penfills did the trick.  (I was able to
push insulin through by priming the pump to give boluses though, and normal
running did not see to affect it so no major panic, just inaccurate dosage

Can you not get the air out of a minimed pump before you attach it??  We
were taught to expel air from the pump before inserting the cannula - I find
that if I carry the pump with the delivery end down, any small air bubbles
stay in the end of the tubing - with the minute amounts of insulin the pump
delivers, air bubbles could have significant consequences...

Kate Clapham
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