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Re: [IPk] No Delivery Alarms

I had A No Delivery signal today I used a dual I put in 6u normal and 2u
square and I got a no delivery after 4.3u were delivered I think it all
depends on the amount of obstruction that will restricted the amount in
insulin that enters
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From: "Caroline Batistoni" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Tuesday, February 04, 2003 11:43 PM
Subject: [IPk] No Delivery Alarms

> I was just wondering if anyone knew approximately how much insulin can be
> missed before the pump (Minimed) sounds a no delivery? I had an alarm this
> morning, and when I tested my blood sugar was 6, so figured I'd probably
> away with it ok as the only other times I've had no delivery I've already
> reasonably high on testing. But about 3 and a half hours later I found I'd
> shot up to 21! I figured this may have been the effect of missed basal.
> is fine - bs came down without any probs, and there are no other "obvious"
> causes for the high) However, I don't think I would have felt confident
> bolusing for missed basal at a blood sugar of 6, unless I confidently knew
> much insulin I was likely to have missed. Other than testing sooner after
> alarm (what can I say, I was busy!!!) does anyone have any suggestions?
> On a connected note, when I got the alarm I'd already had a "lo battery"
> warning about 2 and a half hours previously, but not changed the batteries
> yet. The strange thing was that I don't recall hearing any of the usual
> succesion of quieter alarms (although I suppose I may have missed them)
> getting the full on siren - very embarassing in a public place, and worse
> still it would not stop until eventually the whole pump went dead. Could
> be related to the low battery? It all seems to be working fine now.
> Caroline
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