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Re: [IPk] Bubbles

Hi Melissa
That's all very well if you have good eyesight, but not all of us do.....
I can just about see the big bubbles (though I tend to go more by sound than 
sight for  bubbles) but there's no way I can see the little ones.
So I just do a refill when I get down to about 50 units left.

On Wednesday 05 February 2003 01:26, you wrote:
> Y'all are getting bubble problems at 80 or 90 units because you're not
> flicking the reservoir syringe with enough vigour to blast the itsy-bitsy
> bubbles back into the insulin vial before you connect the reservoir to the
> tubing. After c. 850 reservoir fills/refills, I have gotten so I don't get
> bubble trouble in the reservoir until I have about 10 units left. Also, if
> your vial has been shaken so it's bubbly, you will have to work hard to
> avoid bubbles in the reservoir. Insulin that's been still for a while is a
> lot easier to work with.
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