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Re: [IPk] Highs

Hi Karen,

After 26 years of planning slight highs in order to anticipate lows, you are 
more than entitled to need some time to adjust!

You have said that you need to get everything just-so within the month to 
prove how the pump is helping, right? Or have I mixed you up with someone 
else? If you are indeed on the month-long fuse, you have a much steeper and 
shorter learning curve ahead than most new pumpers. For that reason I 
launched into 'this is how it is' mode; I did not mean to snipe in any way. 
If I did confuse your situation with someone else's, apologies!!

Jerry Springer-esque 'Final Thought': in diabetes management, as in life, 
the point might well be not so much to get everything right the first time, 
all the time, but to gain wisdom from getting it wrong so that we can figure 
out how to get it right--and to glean what we can from others' experiences 
along the way. The best diabetes advice I ever received is to remember that 
diabetes management is an art, not a science.

That said, it would be nice if there were one clear reason why I just can't 
get on with bananas ;) .

Take care,


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