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Re: [IPk] No Delivery Alarms

Hi Caroline,

I would surmise that low power and low insulin in the reservoir both 
contributed to your spike, but so might have a stress-related adrenaline 
release (maybe even triggered by the alarms on the pump?!).

Considering that I get 'no delivery' alarms from my 507C in the middle of 
boluses if my tubing is kinked, I would say you can miss two-tenths of a 
unit before you get told.

As for running out of insulin and getting the 'no delivery alarm', the key 
bit of info is whether there was insulin or air in the reservoir--if you 
point your pump so that the bit where the reservoir connects to the tubing 
is pointing upwards and then open the reservoir compartment, you will be 
able to see whether there seem to be more air bubbles than insulin right 
where the reservoir plunger wants to go when the pump delivers insulin. If 
you have more air bubbles than insulin there, you might be getting insulin 
that's been forced through your tubing for a while, but there could be some 
pockets of air in your tubing too.

If, when it's time to fill up with more insulin, you take the tubing off the 
reservoir and hold it taut (vertically, so that the bit that goes in the set 
is pointing at the floor and the bit that connects to the reservoir is 
pointing at the sky), you will be able to see how much insulin and how much 
air was in your tubing. That may indicate to you that you might have been 
getting air instead of insulin for a while before you tested.

I recommend refining your flicking technique so you can reduce the amount of 
air you might be getting instead of insulin.

About the 'lo-batt' alarm: was your only alarm the one that went off 2.5 
hours before the pump went dead? If so, you may want to call MiniMed and 
check whether that's okay. On my 507C, I usually get my first 'lo-batt' 
alarm when I have about, oh, 30 hours before the pump will shut off. Once 
last year it didn't give me any alarms before going dead, which was patently 
not funny and really pissed me off. Fortunately, the advance warning alarms 
have worked since. It is possible that my battery contacts on the little bit 
where the stack of batteries goes had gotten grotty with lint. I have kept 
the contacts cleaner since (a dry cotton bud has many uses, and a rubber can 
work wonders--household hint: if your cordless phone doesn't want to charge, 
clean the metal contacts with a rubber).

Does any of that make sense?

Melissa (up too late again and likely less than coherent)

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