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[IPk] No Delivery Alarms

I was just wondering if anyone knew approximately how much insulin can be
missed before the pump (Minimed) sounds a no delivery? I had an alarm this
morning, and when I tested my blood sugar was 6, so figured I'd probably got
away with it ok as the only other times I've had no delivery I've already been
reasonably high on testing. But about 3 and a half hours later I found I'd
shot up to 21! I figured this may have been the effect of missed basal. (Set
is fine - bs came down without any probs, and there are no other "obvious"
causes for the high) However, I don't think I would have felt confident
bolusing for missed basal at a blood sugar of 6, unless I confidently knew how
much insulin I was likely to have missed. Other than testing sooner after the
alarm (what can I say, I was busy!!!) does anyone have any suggestions?

On a connected note, when I got the alarm I'd already had a "lo battery"
warning about 2 and a half hours previously, but not changed the batteries
yet. The strange thing was that I don't recall hearing any of the usual
succesion of quieter alarms (although I suppose I may have missed them) before
getting the full on siren - very embarassing in a public place, and worse
still it would not stop until eventually the whole pump went dead. Could this
be related to the low battery? It all seems to be working fine now.

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