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[IPk] Highs

Dear Pat & Melissa

Thanks for your advice.  I've spoken to my DN this evening and we've re-jigged
by basals as I had good evidence that they were not one-offs.  I seem to be a
lot higher from 2am until noon and was then having a few hypo's.

With regard to "feeding the insulin", I suppose getting out of the habit of
the last 26 years is going to take some getting used to and yes, I was
thinking that way.  I've been so used to having night time hypo's and having
to stock up on carb's before bed that I thought I'd be OK.........I know
better now!  I would never have dreamed of my pre bed BG being around 5 before
the pump, looks like I'm going to have to do a lot more learning to re-educate

Best wishes

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