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[IPk] Day Centres & pump pregnancies

Hi Di

I get my consumables funded by the clinic/ward here and we have a really
strange system.  I have to phone them in advance to let them know what I
need and then sometimes they find it is already in stock, and sometimes it
will take a month to get a month's supply, and sometimes I just get a really
weird order!  Then once it is in, I go and collect it.  

One time I was basically on the last day that I could keep pumping before my
stuff arrived.  I thought I had finally got the system cracked and had found
a really helpful woman who worked on the ward and did the ordering - she
agreed to order me three months worth, and re-order as soon as I collected.
But, unfortunately she has now retired and I am back to the old system.  I
keep on thinking that I am lucky to be having them funded and should focus
on that - but sometimes I get incredibly frustrated.  In fact, this e-mail
has just reminded me I should be phoning up soon to get stuff for next

On my other point - I have been incommunicado for a while as I am 11 weeks
pregnant and have been struggling energy-wise (need at least 10-11 hours
sleep a night!).  I would love to hear from any others who have had pump
pregnancies for tips!

Audrey Sheal
IDDM 22 years - Minimed 508 2 years + 
> Hi Elizabeth
> The only thing I go to the diabetes centre for is in connection with my
> pump 
> consumables.
> One thing that annoys me is that every time I want more consumables for my
> pump I have to ring them up, make sure they have them in, wait for them to
> order them if they don't, then go round and pick them up. I know it's 
> possible for them to pay for the supplies but have Medtronic send them to
> the 
> person in question, but they won't do it because they like to "keep
> control".
> Is that normal or do other people get them delivered directly but have
> them 
> paid for by their LHA?
> Di
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