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Re: [IPk] NICE Guidelines

> I am envious of all those of you who manage to get stable BGs I must still
> be doing something wrong or maybe I'm just not concentrating enough all
> time.

You just happen to have diabetes and each persons experience of diabetes is
I am sure there must be any number of different subtypes of even type 1
which is why some people find it easy to control and some don't, and some
get superb control on MDI with or without glargine, or even on mixtard,
while some struggle evven on a pump. Even the most stable person here
has"off days" I'm sure. It could be that you are still adjusting to the
pump, it could be hormonal, or other conditions( you mentioned thyroid).Is
your metre accurate? this was a big contributing factor in my improvement in

I think we tend to be" conditioned " to believe that erratic BGs are some
kind of punishment for some supposed fault, and that medics or even other
DMs can sometimes reinforce this even without meaning to, and it is very
unhealthy. Each person with DM needs unconditional postive self regard!
> >From: Pat Reynolds <email @ redacted>
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> >Subject: Re: [IPk] NICE Guidelines
> >Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 13:01:00 +0000
> >
> >In message <email @ redacted>, Heather Gibbs
> ><email @ redacted> writes
> > >I still
> > >haven't got gardening sussed - I think I need to reduce basal for the
> >rest
> > >of the day and possibly the following day as well.
> >
> >That's what I do for exercise.
> > >
> > >I self fund. Would I have any hope of convincing my Consultant that he
> >was
> > >wrong and that Glargine really didn't suit me?  I don't live in hope.
> >
> >I wouldn't either, if I were you. But your vary variable basal rates
> >should be reasonable proof that glargine would drive you hypo (or hyper,
> >if you set the night-time dose correctly).
> >
> >Has your doctor agreed that the pump is getting better results than
> >glargine?
> >
> >Best wishes,
> >
> >Pat
> >(dm 30+, 508 1+)
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