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Re: [IPk] Ketone testing

Caroline wrote:

>Also, it is now possible to test for blood ketone levels, which is more
>accurate in the same way as blood glucose testing is more accurate than
>urine testing) The only meter that has this function is the Medisense 
>Optium. You need a special strip, that, as far as I'm aware
>still isn't available on prescription. But you can get them from Medisense 
>or your DSN (although I wouldn't bank on that if your DSN is so 
>unenlightened as to believe that you don't need to test for ketones.
>Sorry if that sounds rude, but I'm still in shock)

At least one children's hospital in the Republic of Ireland gives out these 
meters as a matter of course. They also put children on two shots a day plus 
actrapid for a high BG plus ketones. Insane, I know, to leave it at that, 
but better than just two shots a day.

I spoke to an Optium rep recently, who had had a conversation with a 
consultant about the price of the stips (currently EUR2 a pop). She was 
explaining how, yes, the strips were expensive, but... and the consultant 
cut in and said that the strips were quite cheap compared to the cost of 
admitting someone for DKA, that the consultant knew one case where the 
person had been saved from admission by meter testing, and that she should 
never say that the ketone strips are expensive. There's an encouraging 
report from the medical establishment!


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