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Re: [IPk] question - off topic! - Melissa

Hi Melissa,

>Having high glucose in your urine--say, 14--at the minute that you have 
>glucose in your blood--say, 3.4--tells you that your bg was high some hours 
>ago and has since dropped low. That sort of info is good to have if you're 
>on an intermediate or long-acting insulin and you're not sure what might 
>have happened while you were asleep, for example. It could even be 
>interesting if you're on a pump,

Thanks for pointing this out. I use ketostix to test my urine in the morning 
sometimes to see if I had an extended low BG overnight (low BGs will also 
produce ketones, and you can produce ketones if you're fasting or eating a 
low carb diet and still have normal BGs.). I had never thought of using 
diastix to give a more accurate picture of what was going on. But then, I 
often miss the obvious!



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