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Re: [IPk] Re: High BS

Hi Nanette
I have exactly the same thing. Eating a lot of carbs close to bedtime is a 
recipe for high BGs during the night / next morning. I often have to eat late 
at night because I don't get a chance before, but I try to avoid having too 
many carbs if I do eat late. 

> Funny things occasionally happen to me during the night too. Wondered
> if this could be the same thing.
> I have come to the conclusion that my digestive system may grind to a
> halt, or at least slow down considerably, in the late evening/earlier
> part of the night, and food which was eaten not long before that is
> only fully digested more slowly and later - consequently absorption of
> the carbohydrates into the bloodstream is also delayed. So if I eat
> supper late, or eat extra food after supper (even if the foods are not
> high in fat or protein, both of which will delay absorption of carb at
> any time of day), and bolus appropriately for the food, I often go to
> bed with normal BG, or even low, but then have high BG by 2-3 am - I
> assume this is due to the delayed absorption. 
> Nanette
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