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[IPk] Re: High BS

> Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 23:05:55 -0000
> From: "henn.house" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IPk] High BS / Prescriptions
> Hi everyone
> Don't know what happened to me last night.  I'm still doing 2hr BS so
> checked
> at midnight - 5.9 and had 20g CHO but didn't bolus.  At 3am I was
> 13.2 so
> reset alarm for 6am and couldn't believe when I tested then, I'd gone

>up to
>20.2.  I immediately retested, then checked ketones (none) and had a
>correction bolus.  Needless to say, many sore fingers and 3 hours
>I was
>down to 5.4 and have managed to stay roughly that all day.

Funny things occasionally happen to me during the night too. Wondered
if this could be the same thing.

I have come to the conclusion that my digestive system may grind to a
halt, or at least slow down considerably, in the late evening/earlier
part of the night, and food which was eaten not long before that is
only fully digested more slowly and later - consequently absorption of
the carbohydrates into the bloodstream is also delayed. So if I eat
supper late, or eat extra food after supper (even if the foods are not
high in fat or protein, both of which will delay absorption of carb at
any time of day), and bolus appropriately for the food, I often go to
bed with normal BG, or even low, but then have high BG by 2-3 am - I
assume this is due to the delayed absorption. And I don't have a
solution as to how to deal with it - have tried deliberately bolusing a
bit less than should be required in order to avoid late evening hypo,
but also setting temporary higher basal to take up the slowly absorbed
carbs. If I were awake I would do these things with confidence - during
sleep it is more scary, though I do set an alarm to wake up and check
if I am really worried.  With H-tron plus I don't have a square wave or
delayed bolus, though I hope eventually to upgrade my dear pump, I
don't know if I would want to use those features while sleeping - for
me at least the variable nighttime food absorption factor is too great.


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