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Re: [IPk] High BS / Prescriptions

Thanks to y'all who've added to my post from Monday a.m.--for having not had 
any coffee, I gave it my best shot.

A few things I would clarify add/now that I've had _plenty_ of coffee and 
should be in bed:

1) Pat is right-on that carb sensitivity may be at issue. When I was on 
injections, I always located at least 15g. carbs to get me 'out of the 
woods', which sometimes led to rebound highs, but now on the pump I try for 
10, see if I feel better, and then test again a little later.

2) It is too early for Karen to fiddle with basal rates, I agree. However, 
for future reference, temporary basals can really save calories and prevent 
rebound highs. If my bg is just thismuch on the 'maybe I should have an 
apple' side, I reduce my basal rate for a few hours, hit the sack, sleep 
well, and wake up with a good bg. Woo-hoo!

3) What made me respond to Karen's post was that she had 20g carbs, without 
a bolus, on a bg of 5.4. 5.4 is fine, right? I mean, that's like 97 mg/dl, 
for which I would indeed consume a few carbs if I were about to go exercise 
or in the middle of a brisk walk around town, but a bg like that probably 
should not warrant carbs for the sake of avoiding a hypo--if the basal is 
not set too high. If my bg were 4, however, I would eat something if I were 
hungry and not expecting an actual meal within the hour; if not hungry or if 
expecting a meal I would reduce my basal or even suspend and wait a bit for 
my bg to go up on its own. As I said above, I do agree that it is too early 
for Karen to adjust her own basals, but it's not too early to bolus, and 
'feeding one's insulin' should not be necessary on a pump.

IDDM 9+ years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years; like Pat, drafting chapter one!

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