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Re: [IPk] High BS

Hi Lesley

Thanks for your help...

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Sent: Monday, February 03, 2003 7:16 PM
Subject: RE: [IPk] High BS

> I've only been pumping for 4 months so I remember what you're going
> I felt frustrated that I had the means to get good control but it all took
> much time - testing on two days in a row before altering basals, etc.
> just when I thought I was on a roll, along came my period, or a cold, or
> stress or anything that affected my BGs and meant the tests couldn't be
> counted on for making adjustments.
I'd forgotten that I'd got that to look forward to which, of course will
occur around the time that I go back to see the consultant!

> After four months, I know my basals are not quite perfect - nearly, but
> quite, but lots of stuff has prevented me from checking them on two equal
> days.  Now I'm coming off prozac and it's not worth altering anything
> that's all gone.  In the meantime, even my imperfect control is sooooo
> better than it used to be.

I'm still checking mine every 1-2 hours and then at 12, 3 & 6am every day.
What has surprised me is that, once I'm up and had a few cups of tea in the
morning I do feel quite "with it" as opposed to pre-pump when I just felt
tired 24/7.
 then hey presto, life or your body changes and you need to fine tune again.

I suppose that this is where, in time the different profiles will come in on
the 508.
> What I'm trying to say (I'm trying to be encouraging here, honest!) is
> it's an ongoing process.  Enjoy it from now onward!  There is of course a
> of fine tuning to do at first, but it does take time.
I am enjoying it, honest.  Today for instance I wasn't very hungry, so I
hardly had to eat.  I know that I was supposed to be able to do this with
the pen and CHO counting, but I always ended up hypo.

> If you have Excel, it's great for plotting graphs to show up trends in
> BGs.

I do have excel but have not mastered it yet, any advice would be greatly
> I found this list a great help.

So have I, in fact I don't know how anyone managed before this came along,
who did they talk to/get advice from?
 Best wishes

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