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Re: [IPk] High BS

Karen and Melissa

>I agree with you ref the highs.  It does seem that I come down even quicker
>when I'm in the normal range than in the high teens.

With high BGs, you are more resistant to insulin which means that it takes 
more insulin to bring down your BGs.  To reduce your BG by 2 mmol/l starting 
with a high BG requires more insulin than if you were starting from a BG in 
the normal range.

>You may want to do a little self-test sometime, testing once, eating 15g
> carbs, not bolusing, and then testing again 30 mins. later, and then
> bolusing 1 u. to see how far that goes in bringing you back to your
> bg

The other thing that must be remembered is that BGs for diabetics are rarely 
static. This is a good reason for testing again to see whether your BG is 
rising or falling. For example, when you do a test and get a reading of 9, 
you won't know whether your BG is rising or falling unless you can refer back 
to a fairly recent previous test. So you can't assume that by bolusing 1 unit 
that this will bring your BG down to 7 (or whatever) unless you know from 
several tests that your BG was steady at 9.
I hope that this makes sense.

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